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SEO services are some of the most sought-after marketing services for anyone hoping to make their business a household name. If no one knows you exist on the internet, then no one will learn about the fantastic products you have to offer. That's where we come into the picture!‏

‏Based in Ottawa, our SEO agency's goal is to make your business known to the public. The main task we focus on is getting your company to rank high in search engines, and we can pinpoint why your company isn't currently ranking in search engine heavy hitters like Google. We can also detect what frequently searched keywords are relevant for your business, another critical SEO service. ‏

‏Ranking high in Google and producing your keywords are just a couple of SEO marketing services we provide. As an SEO company we have also mastered important SEO techniques like link-building between other websites, perfecting your website's content, including your landing page and services page, and tracking your website's ranking progress. If you're new to SEO, you can take comfort in knowing that we will provide monthly reports detailing our process and, more importantly, our progress. ‏

‏Essentially, we aim to bring more visitors to your website, generating consistent revenue for your business while providing continuing marketing guidance. We strongly believe your focus should be on what makes your company unique and that boosting your web presence should be up to us. By trusting the knowledge behind what our SEO agency has to offer, you can say goodbye to marketing stress for good. 

To date, one of our most successful SEO campaigns provides a 60X ROI on client SEO spend per month.

"Within six months we were ranking on page one for our target keywords, increasing our traffic and generating us over $20K per month in revenue from organic search alone"

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Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Keyword Research

Arguably the most important part of SEO, keyword research involves examining your industry, and the services, products, and collections you want to increase traffic to. The goal is to identify search terms that not only will provide a positive ROI on your investment, but are attainable for the size of your organization.

On Page Optimization

Once our target search terms have been established, it's important to ensure that your site's content reflects these search terms, and that the areas that search engines use to identify what you do are optimized. We do this by optimizing the written content on your site, as well as other areas, such as meta titles, and meta descriptions.

Off Page SEO

Another extremely important part of building your online authority and increasing your visibility in search engines, is building links that point to your site. Links pointing to your site from other, authoritative sites, indicate to search engines that your site is worth visiting, and encourage them to increase rankings for your chosen search terms.

End of Month Reports

We're completely transparent about all of our optimization on your site. We provide monthly updates highlighting what work was completed, and what we plan to do in the following month. All of our processes are 100% white hat strategies.

Rank Tracking

To measure improvement over time, we use industry leading tools to track your site's rank for your chosen search terms, and include their growth over time in your monthly report.


The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, and the second best time is right now

Search Engine Optimization requires an upfront investment, but over time, the results pay significant dividends

What is E-commerce SEO?


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What to Expect from your SEO Campaign

Targeted Visitors

We can optimize your campaigns to drive more traffic within your existing budget, and use a variety of SEO strategies to help your site rank for your desired keywords.

Qualified Leads

Not looking for e-commerce conversions? No problem. Our strategies have helped numerous businesses double and triple their revenue with highly qualified leads.

Increased Revenue

With ongoing campaign optimization, your overall marketing costs remain the same, while your number of leads & conversions increases, boosting your bottom line.

Site Speed Improvement

If your site loads slowly, it not only hurts your conversion rate, but also negatively affects your chances of ranking.

UX Improvements

Regardless of where your site currently ranks, if you have a poor user experience, your conversion rate will suffer.

Peace of Mind

Your site is being monitored around the clock, you can rest easy knowing issues will be flagged and fixed before they become detrimental to your business.

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